Saturday, May 31, 2008

Streaming Music

I went ahead and created an account with because it was a familiar site. It's a cool site with tons of music and I especially like the social aspect of the site.

One site that I've gone to for years that wasn't mentioned is - it has internet radio stations from all over the world. You want an Americana station? Music from Slovakia? Texas Polka? They've got it. It's free if you listen to some advertising or you can pay for VIP status. You can even start your own internet radio station.

RSS Feeds

I've just learned about RSS Feeds and I signed up for Bloglines. I like Bloglines a lot - it's very easy to use. I've subscribed to some feeds and I can definitely see the usefulness. I can go to one place for my feeds and updates. The down side? I guess it can be an upside as well. It's the Bloglines 1000. I could spend all day looking at the 1000. There are so many new websites to puruse. I'm not sure if I just saved myself time or created more work for myself!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Frappy Report

I had to create a blog for Web 2.0. I wanted to do this ages ago, but it seemed like such a hassle and I never had the time. This time around it was Easy. Anyone can start a blog in 5 minutes. You know what the hardest part was? Figuring out a Name. But then I remembered how a friend of mine was always clamoring for the latest "Frappy Report." My nickname is Frappy and I try to deliver the latest news in a humorous and succint way. Let's hope I don't let her down.